Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some news on the Second Life Lipsync Viewer

Mm Alder reported that the integration of the lipsync code with the standard Second Life viewer is progressing, though it may still take a while before we will see it there, considering the problems with the current Release Candidate Series.

There has also been encouraging news from Vivox (who provide SL voice chat) about future developments that will allow for great improvements on the lipsync quality. One of these developments is the ability to export audio tracks of individual speakers for easier editing.

Besides news on the development front, some nice news on usage of it.

The Lip Sync Viewer was used to animate Philip Linden's speech in the
machinima he presented to Congress on April 1.
See it at http://www.silverandgoldie.com/linden_congress.htm

Also SLCN.tv has started using the lip sync viewer. See http://www.slcn.tv/media/mv_metanomics_21apr08.mp4


Pierre said...

Would you be willing to create a version of the viewer for the 1.20 RC like you did for those of us that are brave enough to use the release candidates (I have a SpaceNavigator so it makes sense to use that version) but know not enough to add the needed patches ourselves?

It would be really appreciated.

evolutie said...

Sure! However the RC versions are updated weekly, so it's a bit hard to keep up... You would have to bypass the check for newer versions, and you'll be a bit behind in bugfixes etc. The space navigator also works with the standard viewer btw. At least the flycam mode does.
Let me know if you would still like it and I'll see if I can compile for 1.20, ok?

Pierre said...

Ah, yes, I see your point. Indeed, if LL keeps up this rate then it is better to just wait a bit.
I'll just do the lipsync demo with the current production version. That one works.

p.s. SpaceNavigator in 1.20 works much better than it does in 1.19. Now you can actually use it more as a replacement for your mouse when you want to move around. In combination with the flycam mode it was the reason for me to buy one.

Thanks again.