Friday, September 18, 2009

Orchestral Investigation #9, and seeing spOts, being dOts in Brazil

2 of my machinima are (or were) shown at Itau Cultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
(My portugese is kinda rusty, and I see different dates on different sites)

From Creative Machinery

For the exhibition "GamePlay", Isabelle Arvers curated the machinima program "Mostra Machinimas". For this program she selected seeing spOts, being dOts (Vendo Marcas, Sendo Pontos), a collaboration with Juria Yoshikawa and Nnoiz Papp, and Orchestral Investigation #9 (InvestigaƧƵes Orquestrais #9), a collaboration with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

The entire machinima programme is listed here:

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