Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Avatar Puppeteers

Pictures by Fau Ferdinand and Bea Fontani

After a chaotic, but very interesting and inspirational dorkbot session, a new Second life group is born, called Avatar Puppeteers. This group is devoted to further development and usage of Avatar Puppeteering and bringing more expression to avatars, and also to new input devices connecting to this technology in line of HandsFree3D.
Here is a full report of the session. The chat-log is edited, for readability, and keeping the attention on the topic, but the most asked questions were "when can we play with it", "is this only a proposal", and "how can we help". So soon I will make a download of a puppeteering viewer available on the Creative Machinery website and add some instructions on usage, and summery of what works now, and what doesn't. With a fine group of performance artists, machinimatographers, software and hardware developers, scripters and documentation fetishists, I'm convinced great things are going to happen :-)
Many thanks to JJ Ventrella and Philippe Bossut for their wonderful work, and willingness to share it!

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