Friday, July 4, 2008

Dorkbot Session Announcement

The upcoming Dorkbot session will take place 6 July 1:00 pm PDT / 22:00 CET at the Odyssey Simulator!

This dorkbot session will be of interest to developers, performers, machinimators, animators, photographers, and just about anybody with an interest to bring more expression to avatars and more direct ways to interface with our embodied selves.

JJ Ventrella (a.k.a. Ventrella Linden) will present the avatar puppeteering project. A project motivated to bring more expression to the avatar, by enabling a more fluid and direct way to manipulate the ‘physical avatar’. This is a Linden Lab project that unfortunetely was ‘put to sleep’ as Linden Lab decided to focus on the stability of Second Life and internal opinions differed over how compelling the feature really is.
Last month however, Linden Lab released the client source code of this project, to allow other people to build on it (and convince them otherwise).

Philippe Bossut, will present Handsfree3D, a project that enables to interface with virtual worlds via 3D camera motion tracking. Philippe Bossut has developed several demos to demonstrate how one can navigate and execute all sorts of tasks without the need for a mouse and keyboard, and over the last month he has been working on connecting his code with the puppeteering feature.

Please visit the Dorkbot SL blog for full information on the event, the projects and the presenters

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