Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interview with Evo Szuyuan on the Orange Island blog

Orange Island has posted an interview with yours truely on their blog :-)
read it here

Some news on the Second Life Lipsync Viewer

Mm Alder reported that the integration of the lipsync code with the standard Second Life viewer is progressing, though it may still take a while before we will see it there, considering the problems with the current Release Candidate Series.

There has also been encouraging news from Vivox (who provide SL voice chat) about future developments that will allow for great improvements on the lipsync quality. One of these developments is the ability to export audio tracks of individual speakers for easier editing.

Besides news on the development front, some nice news on usage of it.

The Lip Sync Viewer was used to animate Philip Linden's speech in the
machinima he presented to Congress on April 1.
See it at http://www.silverandgoldie.com/linden_congress.htm

Also SLCN.tv has started using the lip sync viewer. See http://www.slcn.tv/media/mv_metanomics_21apr08.mp4

Monday, April 14, 2008

Orange Machinima Week

Orange island is presenting the machinima week, "a hefty series of classes, discussions and screenings featuring some of Second Life’s most talented filmmakers and machinima specialists."

Wednesday 16 april Creative Machinery Evo Szuyuan will be discussing "Machinima as an Artform" with Lainy Voom and Berardo Carboni.

Orange Island
12.00 pm – 1.30 pm SLT : Machinima as an Artform / speakers: Lainy Voom, Evo Szuyuan (Odyssey, NL), Berardo Carboni (Volavola, Italy)

Do check out the Orange Island Blog for the detailed Program!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

No more Release Candidate versions of the Second Life Lipsync Viewer

Now that WindLight is in the standard release of the Second Life viewer, we won't be building any more Release Candidate versions (unless there's something interesting in them). We will build new standard releases as they come until the lip sync code gets incorporated by Linden.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New downloads for the Standard Second Life Lipsync Viewer

The website is updated with the latest versions of the Lipsync Viewer for Windows and Mac OSX, Second Life 1.19.1 (4).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Orchestral Investigation #9

Just finished the first in a series of videos with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. A series of Orchestral Investigations into site specific concert films / machinima.

In this first video Avatar Orchestra Metaverse drinks coffee and plays Fragula at a rooftop cafe located at the Kyoot Army HQ simulator in Second Life. The orchestra, music and site merge into a surreal video.

More information can be found at the Creative Machinery Website.