Wednesday, September 29, 2010

4Jetpacks4 video at World Expo Shanghai

From Creative Machinery

I'm very honored that during the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai 4Jetpacks4 can be seen at the Madrid Pavillion as part of the Air Tree Exhibition.

The Air Tree, designed by Urban Ecosystems
is a self sufficient pavillion, where visitors can relax and enjoy performances or shows projected on the walls, in a nice cool breeze.

The show projected in Shanghai is curated by Cristina Garcia-Lasuen (aka Aino Baar), who initiated OPEN THIS END, a nonprofit cultural organization that classifies, develops and exhibits contents generated with new technologies.

The program consists in three exhibitions that present the theoretical classification of the three types and stages of the present video art:
Real (think projection in Real Space, for example the work of Rafael Lozano hemmer)
Virtual (cgi, for example Joaquin Baldwin
Machinima (movies recorded with game engines, like Evo Szuyuan :-) )

Up until now more then 2 million people have visited the Madrid pavillion, making it the most visited pavillion of the World Expo.

Many thanks and congratulations to Cristina / Aino !

Monday, September 20, 2010

Festivals in the Ile-de-France

Dominique Moulon revisits the years festivals in the Ile-de-France in this article on

One of the festivals that is highlighted in his article is Atopic, that featured the avant premiere of Volavola.