Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lipsync code is now included in latest Realease Candidate


"The code for basic lip sync has been included in the latest Release Candidate viewer, however it is disabled by default. To enable it, you first have to enable the “Advanced” menu by pressing Ctrl-Alt-D (all three keys together, but not to be confused with Ctrl-Alt-Delete). Then in the Advanced menu select Character, then Enable Lip Sync (Beta). Whenever someone uses voice chat and you see the green waves above the avatar’s head, you should also see the avatars lips move. When an avatar has an attachment covering its head, though, the attachment is not animated. Sorry, furries"

Mm Alder

As a result Geuis Dassin has put his LSL lipsync hack Motor Mouth into the trash heap of history, and wrote down his thoughts on the importance of this new lipsync feature for Second Life.

To once more demonstrate how this works well for all languages, have a look at this Japanese machinima using the lipsync client