Monday, May 31, 2010

Fly Me- Vola Vola wins Simona Gesmundo Award!

On May 18 2010, Berardo Carboni was given the "Creativity Award" for Volavola / Fly me, the first feature shot entirely in Second Life, for "it's novelty and the important results achieved by the film".
The award was given during the 4th edition of the International Prize Simona Gesmundo animated shorts at the Teatro Totò, which was held in Naples.
The "Creativity Award" is annually awarded to an author for the use of new technology, which foreshadows the future in the field of cinema and animation.

Simona Gesmundo, was a talented young Italian woman interested in artificial intelligence applied to cinema and an author of animation short films. Therefore, the International Award of Animation Short Films was created, which puts the attention on new technology and innovation.

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